Past Life Regression Hypnosis. Your most Recent Past Life.

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Past lives, do we have them? How we want this planet before? Is this our first time here? Or have we been here many times in many incarnations? The debate in this matter continues.

For those who believe in past lives the belief is that we have been here many times. You and I just reincarnated once but you come back many times. And among those many lives if we have been here before there may be a paper trail. There may be some proof, or something of that nature to show that we have been here.

A lot of non western religions accept reincarnation at a simple truth but most western religions reject the concept of reincarnation.

Well guess what? Reincarnation was taught in Christianity up until about 553 A.D. And references to it can be found in the King James bible.

One of the most compelling cases for reincarnation is that of James Leininger from Chicago.

From a very young age James had nightmares about crashing in a plane and screaming in the night “Little man can’t get out”. This nightmare kept on reoccurring several nights a week.

This may be easy to dismiss as a childhood nightmare but some of the details that emerged afterwards were compelling to say the least.

When asked who the “little man” was by his father James replied ”me”. When asked who shot his plane down James looked at his Dad with a “you don’t know” type of look and said “The Japanese”. And the best part? His story was researched and what he said turned out to be true.

This past life regression hypnosis session will focus on your most recent past life. The reason being is that we have if we have been here before our most recent past life will have the most information available to it as was the case with James Leininger. If you use this session and you get specific and clear answers the possibility of researching it is definite.

So please use this past life regression hypnosis session and find the answers to the questions you have. If you enjoy this there are many other videos and many of the sessions on this channel.
Please feel free to try as many as you want.

Thank you, and yes, please enjoy.


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