Powerful Hypnotic Induction For Sleep or Deep Relaxation (Hypnosis For Sleep | Deep Trance Hypnosis)

This is a deceptively simple hypnotic induction which is great as an easy way to give people something to focus on as they drift deeper and deeper into deep relaxation or sleep.

This is a guided hypnosis deep trance experience where all you have to do is engage with the process and follow along closing your eyes with each number I count and open your eyes between counts ready to close your eyes and go even deeper on the next count until you reach a point where it just seems too much effort to open your eyes, and you just follow the counting going deeper as you hear me counting in the background keeping your eyes shut, or when I say to close your eyes, you close your eyes and keep them closed as you drift deeper into the experience and follow along to what I am saying.

I recommend that the first time you watch this video, you watch it from the start because the instructions to get the most from this experience are contained in the first few minutes of the video. For future viewings you can jump to the start of the induction itself and each time you do this you should improve how well you respond as the process becomes familiar to you.

Here is the time stamp for the start of the induction: 4:23

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