Quick Street Hypnosis at Penn State

Hey Guys! This video is from two different sessions on two different days in State College. The first set was fantastic and the second volunteer did well too. Both of these were on time constraints so I had to keep them short, hence them both ending up in the same video. Enjoy!

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What’s in the Video?
0:11 Suggestibility Test
1:32 Induction
3:33 Deepener
5:10 Re-Induction
6:12 Bottoms Stuck
8:20 Number Amnesia
10:20 Name Amnesia
12:36 Mocking the Prof.
15:35 Funny Cell Phone
16:33 Sleep Launcher
17:38 Wake Up
20:12 Suggestibility Test
21:10 Induction
21:39 Deepener
22:40 Re-Induction
23:16 Hand Stick
25:56 Funny Eyes
27:27 Number Amnesia (Fail)
28:31 I’m Invisible (Fail)
29:19 Numb Tongue
30:07 Wake Up


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