Real Life Unsolved Mysteries That’ll Give You The Chills

Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction. Even though these weird tales seem anything but true, historical records disagree. Here are a few totally true real live unsolved mysteries that’ll give you chills.

If there’s any life story that deserves to be made into a period piece on Netflix, it’s the story of Kaspar Hauser, who was found wandering in a town square in Nuremberg on May 26th, 1828. When questioned, the man knew strangely little about his life apart from his name, Kaspar Hauser. Later, when curiosity about the stranger kicked into high gear, Hauser would claim that he had been kept in a dark room by people he never saw, which sort of explained why he had no manners to speak of and a preference for bread and water. It only gets weirder, because over the next few years, there were at least three attempts on his life. No one ever saw any attackers, and Hauser was thought to be alone when they happened. In 1833, he was killed in one of these mysterious attacks.

There are tons of theories about just who he was and what really happened to him, and they range from the possibility that he was a complete fraud to the theory that he had mental and emotional issues stemming from childhood abuse. One of the stranger theories is that he was an illegitimate claimant to the throne and someone wanted him out of the way… but we’ll likely never really know.

You probably know the 19th century story of the Man in the Iron Mask, but while the book was fiction, the story has a basis in reality.

The real man in the iron mask was every bit the mystery as his fictional counterpart. Benigne de Saint-Mars was one of the King’s men put in charge of governing prisons. As Saint-Mars was transferred from prison to prison, a mysterious, unidentified prisoner stayed with him the whole time — allegedly masked in iron — or in velvet, as some reports claimed.The mystery man died at the Bastile in 1703, and the name “Marchioli” was recorded in the death register. No one really believes the name was real, and attempts to figure out who the prisoner was have uncovered more than 50 different possibilities, ranging from a 12-year-old who punched the Dauphin to an illegitimate son of Charles the Second. To this day, no one knows who it may have been — but we’re willing to bet it wasn’t Leo DiCaprio’s twin. Watch the video for more chilling unsolved mysteries.

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The story of Kaspar Hauser | 0:13
Man in the Iron Mask | 1:16
The murders of Sture Bergwall | 2:06
Candy from strangers | 3:27
The Circleville Letter Writer | 4:17
The surprise skull | 5:36
The Isdal Woman | 6:35
The Lead Masks Case | 7:46
Bella in the wych elm | 8:57


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