Self Hypnosis Lucid Dreaming Process: Triggers Lucid Dreaming Multiple Times Throughout The Night

This self-hypnosis lucid dreaming process is to help you to learn to lucid dream through the night. I shared this over on The Mind Changers YouTube channel a few weeks back, I share lots of stuff there which I don’t share here, but decided I would post this video here as well.

This process uses self-hypnosis and a technique called anchoring (probably familiar to those who have studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)) to help you to prepare for lucid dreaming and then to help you lucid dream at the times you dream through the night. With regular use and practice you can improve your lucid dreaming skills.

Over on The Mind Changers YouTube channel (find the channel and subscribe here: there are videos that go with this video describing about the video and the process and about lucid dreaming and neurologist Dr David Lewis shares about lucid dreaming and how to do lucid dreaming.

You can get the mp3 version of this track from The Mind Changers website ( where we also have many other tracks including many of my hypnotic bedtime stories.


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