Strange and BIZARRE Places On Earth

Odd places can be found tucked away in remote parts of different countries. Some of these places we’re going to talk about, you might have heard of already. And whether these sites were man-made or a result of mother nature, it makes them no-less strange to marvel at. And visiting any one of these places can seem like some strange surrealist dream.

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6. The Cincinnati Abandoned Subway
Lots of metropolitan cities have a subway and train system integrated into their public transit. However, the Cincinnati Subway remains incomplete, with empty tunnels sitting beneath the city streets. The abandoned project was due to the overwhelming cost of what it would take to finish it. As the Great Depression rolled around after construction started, it put a definite halt to any finishing of the tunnels. It has been nearly 100 years since its construction cancellation in 1928, yet no plans have been made to restart. It is one of the largest abandoned tunnel systems in the United States. And though left alone for years, the tunnels have stayed remarkably well-preserved.

5. The Pancake Rocks
Located in the community of Punakaiki, New Zealand, these pancake rocks line the walkways of the west coast of South Island, near the edge of Paparoa National Park. The pancake rocks serves as a huge drawing point for crowds, found rather close to the main village. The rocks, made of eroded limestone, have been shaped by the sea. Periodically, water even bursts through the land, as there have been vertical blowholes created when high tide rolls around. Though it looks daunting, the pancakes rocks can be accessed even by wheelchair aside from the carved in stairways.

4. The Haunted Leap Castle (lep)
Nestled in Coolderry, Ireland, one can find the well-known haunted structure referred to as Leap Castle. The time of construction has been debated, with most concluding that it must have been somewhere between the 13th and 15th century, though probably closer to the mid 13th century. The O’Bannon clan built the castle, though it has been owned by musician Seán Ryan since 1991. Many say the castle has been the site for hauntings, even featured on shows like Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, and Ghost Adventures.

3. The Fifth Lake
Seeing a photo of a human submerged in water and surrounded by jellyfish may scare you initially, but just known that these jellyfish have been categorized as harmless. Jellyfish Lake, also known as Fifth Lake, can be found in the island of Eil Malk in Palau. This marine lake on this mostly uninhabited island has become a breeding ground for a diversity of species because of its remoteness for so long. Should you visit and take a swim, you’ll find two species of jellyfish: moon jellyfish and golden jellyfish. As a result, people love taking a dive into the lake and playing with the jellyfish.

2. From The Nabatean Kingdom
Mada’in Saleh (Madai een sah lay), or Cities of Saleh, now acts as an important archaeological site in Saudi Arabia, though it was once part of the Nabatean Kingdom from the 1st century AD. This structure was carved right in the rock formation, incorporating the natural landscape with the presence of society. UNESCO made the area Saudi Arabia’s first World Heritage Site in 2008. The ruins of the city have been impressively well-preserved. Lots of cultures have occupied the area before and after the Nabatean Kingdom reigned, with the earliest human settlements recorded to have been around the 3rd millennium BC. Because of the dry, arid climate, the structures have stayed intact.

The Island of Cats
Aoshima Island, referred to as Cat Island, can be found in southern Japan and earns its name for its astonishing population of felines. More cats inhabit the island than humans do, with over 120 feral cats that call it home. Things like stores or cars do not exist on the island, though a ferry travels here twice a day, bringing in just a little over 30 people each day. Other cat islands and sanctuaries exist in Japan, though Aoshima has to be one of the largest. Abandoned houses remain on the island, though it functions as a small fishing village home to very few people. In recent years, the island has earned lots of fame thanks to news and photos found on the internet.


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