STRANGE Mysteries Discovered

Our world is an incredible place, a place where incredible things happen and incredible mysteries persist. This is a list of things that perplex and boggle, things that may one day be solved, but as of right now, they remain to make the most brilliant of minds scratch their heads in wonder. Join me as I take you down a road of the most complex and mysterious brain-bogglers out there; this is STRANGE Mysteries Discovered.

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6 Voynich Manuscript
The Voynich Manuscript is a hand-written, illustrated codex that has been carbon-dated to the early 15th century from approximately 1404-1438. The Voynich manuscript is mysterious because it is written completely in an unknown writing system by an unknown author. The codex is written left to right and filled with illustrations that seem to be recording and addressing topics of medieval medicine. The text, however, remains completely unresolved, and has been of interest to amateur cryptography enthusiasts and even American and British codebreakers from World War I and World War II.

5 Stonehenge
Stonehenge is an ancient monument built by a culture that has left no records behind. Which is why we don’t know much about this world famous heritage site. We don’t know exactly how ancient people could have constructed a large stone structure without modern architecture tools or even why they did it. Some theories include the idea that Stonehenge was a burial site, or a religious gathering place, or even a social gathering where different tribes could meet in peace.

4 The Strange Incident of Elisa Lam
You might have heard of this truly supernatural event: the strange event that occured at the infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California back in 2013. Security camera footage showed Ms Lam acting very strangely in an elevator, as if some invisible being was watching her and she was hiding from them. Somehow, her body was found floating in the hotel’s water tank on the roof a few days later. The strangest part of this event was that the water tank was supposedly locked and the roof access door was also locked, and even if it did open the alarm should have sounded off in the entire hotel. Some suggest she had an encounter of a supernatural kind, while others suggest a psychotic break. We may never truly know what happened to her in the end.

3 Catawissa Graveyard Cages
We all want to think that zombies are dead, but graveyards in Catawissa, Pennsylvania are covered in iron cages. Most notable, the graves of two women: Saran Ann Boone and her sister in law Asenath Thomas. Were these graveyards designed to keep those women in their cages? Or were they to prevent someone from getting to those graves? We may never know, however some suggest that the women were believed to be vampires and that the cages were to keep them from rising and terrorizing the town.

2 Ancient Governor’s Palace
In 2008, archaeologists discovered a set of Neo-Assyrian ruins that were more than 2,800 years old. They believed that these ruins belonged to that of a governor in ancient Turkey. Many rich artifacts were uncovered including pieces of ivory, bronze, and other precious metals. Most interestingly, the team of archaeologists uncovered a clay tablet that was analyzed by experts at Cambridge University. The language is one that is currently unknown to us, and remains to be identified to this day.

1 Cosmic Radio Bursts
“Blitzars” or cosmic radio bursts have piqued the interests of scientists around the world since their discovery in 2007. The nine blitzars that have appeared over the last few years have been studied endlessly, although their origin remains unclear. In January 2015, a blitzar was identified in real time. Despite witnessing one occur in real time, scientists could not identify the origin. However, many experts hypothesized that it might occur due to collapsing neutron stars or flares. The most curious thing about these cosmic radio bursts are that they only last one millisecond, but create the same amount of energy that the Sun would create over the course of one million years.


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