Street Hypnosis | Doesn’t believe he’s hypnotized

This is one of the strangest reactions I’ve ever seen. During hypnosis, people often convince themselves that what is happening isn’t real or that they are just, in some way, playing along. But I’ve never seen anyone react in quite this way before.
This session actually really fascinated me, with the amount of people I have hypnotized over the past few years it’s very rare that I get a unique reaction that genuinely baffles me.

Street hypnosis in Melbourne, Australia.
Met a few German backpackers and my profession came into conversation, this guy heavily believed in the paranormal and thought hypnosis was real ‘magic’ dispite me attempting for a long time to explain the psychology behind it. He wanted me to hypnotize him because he didn’t believe I could do it. Usually I steer clear of silly challenges like this, for obvious reasons (If you are a hypnotist you will understand.) but I hate to admit, there’s something about paranormal believers that shun real explanations to things that just winds me up to the point where I need to prove them wrong, so this is what entailed.

Several layered inductions,
Arm levitation,
Hand stuck,
Name amnesia

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Oh and sorry for looking like a hobo, need a shave and a haircut, I am aware.


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