Street Hypnosis funny instant induction superhero

Street Hypnosis funny instant induction superhero. I hypnotize a young woman and make her become Batman and have super powers and other fun. This is “real street hypnosis” Richard Barker the Incredible street hypnotist

Street hypnosis uses rapid and instant inductions developed by Dave Elman.

The most popular techniques used are variants of the handshake induction and arm pull induction. Both cause a moment of confusion in the subject being hypnotized and then a suggestion is made so that the subject goes into an altered state. Here you can watch the process as hypnotist Richard Barker puts this subject in a trance.

Street hypnosis is easy to learn and is often found in the streets where I live and hypnotize people. Contact me at to be trained in the art of street hypnosis. Subscribe to my channel to see more videos


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