Street Hypnosis With Delaney (And Liz, Sort Of)

Hey Guys! This was a pretty good session with Delaney. Liz tried but something was keeping her from getting hypnotized that day. They were both great and Liz played along like a champ! Enjoy!

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What’s in the Video?
0:13 Suggestibility Test
1:24 Induction
2:25 Deepener and Re-Induction
6:08 Hand & Butt Stuck
8:34 Funny Eyes
10:33 What’s Pinching Me?
13:38 Talking Gibberish
16:55 Freeze
24:28 She’s the Hypnotist
27:59 $100s and Ice Cubes
31:27 Favorite Actor
34:11 Where’s My Mouth?
35:15 Sleep Launcher
36:34 She’s a Cat
38:53 Wake Up
40:59 Hypnosis is B.S.
43:56 Closing Chat


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