Street Hypnosis With Jacqui and Bridget

Hey Guys! This session was really interesting! The one volunteer seemed to go deeper than I would have liked and the other was very good. She even knew who Derren Brown is! Anyway lots of good stuff in this one. Enjoy!

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What’s in the Video?
0:08 Suggestibility Test
1:06 Induction
2:20 Deepener
3:30 Re-Induction
5:50 Butts Stuck
7:45 Funny Eyes
11:10 Number Amnesia
15:38 Talking Gibberish Fail
17:33 Numb Tongue
19:38 Freeze
32:08 Body Lock
35:03 She’s the Hypnotist
36:27 Eye Roll (There ya go, don’t say I don’t do anything for you guys!)
37:55 Waking Up Jacqui
38:59 Slow Motion
40:42 Hypno-Launcher
42:22 $100s & Ice Cubes
45:34 Wake Up
47:27 I did something while she was hypnotized?!?!
48:00 Closing Chat (with lots of good info and stories)


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