Street Hypnosis with Kyle, Jake, and Thera

Hey Guys! About time I uploaded right? Well here is the first great session from the 2019 season! This one was a lot of fun. The subjects responded very well to suggestions and had a blast! I also thought that I was going to lose the first half of this one but I ended up only losing about 4 minutes of footage! Enjoy!

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What’s in the Video?
0:32 Suggestibility Test
2:31 Induction
3:47 Deepener and Re-Inductions
6:02 Hand/Rear Stick
9:03 Funny Eyes
10:35 Talking Gibberish
12:16 Freeze (With Switch)
30:40 Kittens with a Laser Pointer
33:44 Emergence
36:11 Hypnosis is B.S.
39:30 Closing Chat


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