Street Hypnosis with Lexi

Lexi’s Channel:

Hey Guys! This is a very good session! Lexi was a fantastic subject! She required a bit more deepening than I usually do but she has a really strong mind and imagination. Enjoy!

One more thing, I will be retiring the blank suggestion from my routine. I know it’s a popular suggestion in the comments but it just doesn’t fit in with how I want to take things in the future. Thanks for understanding!

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What’s in the Video? (With timestamps! Cuz it’s hard to say no to you guys!)
1:19 Suggestibility Test
2:42 Induction
3:39 Deepener
4:58 Re-Induction
5:52 Hand & Butt Stick
8:17 Funny Eyes
10:40 Extremely Temporary Name Amnesia
11:18 Freeze
24:33 She’s the Hypnotist
27:54 Dropping IQ
34:10 Blank (Being Retired)
35:02 Evidence that Hypnosis is NOT mind control
36:21 I’m Attractive/Repulsive
37:52 and 39:28 Ducks Invade the Session! (Not a suggestion)
42:21 Wake Up
42:50 Closing Chat


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