Street Hypnosis With Sarah

Hey Guys! In this one, I hypnotize a student named Sarah. She was a good subject and responded very interestingly to hypnosis. I was able to talk about the scientific aspects of hypnosis and just have a good intelligent conversation with her. Her responses were so interesting and unique! Enjoy!

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What’s in the Video?
0:38 Induction
1:13 Deepener
3:47 Re-Induction
5:15 Hand & Butt Stuck
8:15 Funny Eyes
10:36 Number Amnesia Fail
13:06 Talking Gibberish (Sort of)
14:36 Numb Body Parts
19:31 Freeze
33:33 Taking Pain Away
34:27 Body Lock
38:03 Slow Motion
40:38 Wake Up
43:12 Hypnosis is B.S.


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