Street Hypnosis With Shyloh

Hey Guys! This is from my session with Shyloh. She was an amazing subject and her responses and reactions to everything were incredible! I had a lot of fun in this one and it gets my seal of approval as one of the best! There are some really hilarious moments in here so don’t miss them! Enjoy!

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What’s in the Video?
0:12 Suggestibility Test
1:23 Induction
2:04 Deepener
3:43 Re-Induction
4:36 Hand Stick
7:53 Funny Eyes
9:40 Number Amnesia
12:31 Talking Gibberish
15:34 Freeze
23:45 Body Lock
25:37 X-Ray Vission
28:47 She’s a Cat!
31:33 Magic Mime
34:19 I’m Invisible
36:14 Hypno Launcher
37:50 Mocking the Prof.
41:12 Slo Mo Sensei
43:05 Milking Cows for $1M
44:00 $100s and Ice Cubes
47:47 Her Favorite Actor
49:23 Wake Up
51:30 Hypnosis is B.S.
53:36 Closing Chat


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