Street Magic… IN THE PARK…. In.. Ukraine! Because, uh… WHY NOT!?!

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In this video I’m performing some close up magic tricks for people I just met at an English speaking club BBQ in the park! But it’s basically STREET MAGIC! Except… on a path… in the park. YEAH. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to learn to perform the Omni Deck magic trick, and committing to making this video seemed like a great way to force myself to do it! I also give commentary about how my performance went. Does that count as magicians reacts to reaction type of… stuff? Maybe. Kinda. Hope you all enjoyed seeing some simple card magic tricks and some live performance of me … performing magic live! MIND FREAK!!!

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— My Recommendations for Cards & Magic —-
The BEST cards for magic & shuffling & everything else:
Close-up card mat – every magician needs one:
Low cost (but still really great) book to start learning card magic:
More expensive (but the best!) book to start learning card magic:
Advanced card magic book:
The single most amazing card trick you will ever perform:
Visual/powerful trick – spectators love this one, magicians hate it 😂 :
The Omni Deck – cards turn into glass block:
DOUBLE CROSS – Minds blown… magicians LOVE this trick:

—- Camera / Recording Equipment —-
** I personally use these items below for filming my videos! The portions where I am talking use the following items for a good quality video. The parts where I am outside (and there is tons of light) I am simply using an iPhone XS to record.
📷 My Main Camera (fast autofocus):
🎥 Lens for “talking to the camera” (great bokeh):
💡 Powerful Light (helps video quality):
👍 Soft Box (for that nice soft light on your face):

Hope you enjoy these videos, and remember to check my channel home page because I created different groups to organize the types of videos I make… I’ve got some pretty good tutorials if you wanna learn something fun! 🙂
For example ➠ all of my Magic Tutorials playlist:

* Also, please note these are Amazon Affiliate links. It means I got an incredibly small amount of money if you click on them and/or find something you want to buy… which helps support the channel, so thanks! 🙂


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