This video shows a full hypnosis induction method from beginning to end and a shock induction
Watch this video and learn hypnosis. See how easy it can be to hypnotize someone with hypnotist Tom Silver teaching you the heavy/light hand induction method to put someone into a hypnosis trance state. Tom Silver has been teaching scientific hypnosis for many years. Hypnosis needs to be respected so please get some training in hypnosis before you attempt to hypnotize anyone. This training video is recommended for mature adults who are truly interested in learning hypnosis. I conduct one on one trainings and certification in Scientific hypnosis and hypnotherapy and also in ERT Emotion Replacement Therapy. Visit my website at: or call me direct at 541 773-1699. I also conduct private one on one hypnosis sessions live and on skype and facetime. This video will show you a full hypnosis induction from beginning to end. With over 35 years of experience developing powerful, proven therapeutic hypnosis methods, Tom Silver, the Founder and Director of University Hypnosis, is considered to be a world-leading expert, instructor and educator in what has become known as Scientific Hypnosis. Tom is a clinically trained and certified Hypnotist, and past member of the American Counseling Association, American Hypnosis Association and the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). From years of knowledge gained from his lucrative Southern California hypnotherapy practice, coupled with his passion for researching the history and development of hypnosis, Tom founded The United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis (USBCH)® and The Tom Silver Institute of Hypnosis. The Tom Silver Institute of Hypnosis As founder and creator of the Tom Silver Institute of Hypnosis, Tom has dedicated his life to advancing the field of hypnosis through education and the development and implementation of his own scientifically verifiable hypnotic induction methods and ground-breaking hypnotherapy techniques. In what he has termed “EEG Scientific Hypnotism”, Tom discovered that, by using an electroencephalogram (EEG) during a hypnosis session, he could visually confirm the very moments when his “subject” reached the “theta” and “delta” states of brainwave activity. These are the brainwave frequency states where the “subject” proves to be the most susceptible to hypnotic suggestion and achieves the most effective results from applied hypnotherapy. Private Hypnotherapy In addition to his world-wide outreach in educating the masses about Scientific Hypnosis, Tom has also continued his private hypnotherapy practice, which he conducts from his 40 acre wood-studded estate located in Medford, Oregon, and where, on a one-to-one basis, he helps a myriad of clients overcome their personal trials through Scientific Hypnotherapy. Using his latest physical & shock hypnosis induction methods, Tom is able to achieve notable success through the application of E.R.T.® in removing fears & phobias, addictions, negative habits, PTSD, OCD, anxieties, depression and more, as well as helping to instill more self-confidence, self-esteem, focus & concentration, energy, discipline and a positive outlook. Tom Silver is not only a world-renowned hypnosis trainer and innovator, he is also dedicated to reaching the masses about hypnosis through entertainment. He believes that Hypnosis has the benefit of not only being an effective tool for psychological therapies, but, in a broader spectrum, can also be of significant and legitimate value as a form of entertainment – much like music. Whereas music is viewed primarily as entertainment, it is also widely recognized as an effective therapy (American Music Therapy Association). Inversely, Hypnosis is viewed primarily as a therapy, but is also recognized for its established use in the Entertainment Industry through what has been termed “Stage Hypnosis Shows.” It’s a fact that millions of people are fascinated by hypnosis and are delightfully entertained to see it demonstrated by professional Stage Hypnotists. Stage Hypnosis opens up an entirely new and additional income stream for those hypnotherapist who also have the gift of being able to entertain others.
“Brainwashed” on Discovery Channel’s “Curiosity”
“The Doctors” CBS
” The Jeff Probst Show” CBS
“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
“Hypnotized” – A one hour CBS Television Special
“Powers of The Paranormal” a Fox Television Special
“Jimmy Kimmel Live”
“The Montel Williams Show”
“The Ricki Lake Show”
“The Sally Jesse Rafael Show”
“The Man Show”
“Beyond” with James Van Praagh
“The Other Half” on NBC with Dick Clark


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