TranSexual Economy | Part 2

Intuitive Information has given bias to the evolution of our mental and physical faculties, resulting in a hyperconsciousness which is running so fast we will crash and burn if we do not maintain the frequency of the energetic Portal for which we have advanced the domain of consciousness – perfected in so much that we have managed to land rovers on mars to make peace with our past and war with our future.

Here we are now, afraid and anxious, cheering ourselves upward and onward with loads of brainy affirmations and physical practices that remind us of our roots, that they need re-planting every time we change our minds, change the channel, click the button, unplug from our mind games.

We are tired, but the pressure is on. Indeed, we are reminded that we will die, so we want as much of the goods (of which the mind games campaigns promise us) as we can get.

But the conditions are becoming more severe, less forgiving, more dramatic, less peaceful – when we chase after the run-away-train of egocentricity.

We neglect to consistently create our own meaning. We neglect to integrate our Who + What + Why.

And so we don’t really feel satisfied with all our actions….we’re following the direct recipe, it’s made for dummies so come on – what about the bottom line are we missing. Oh? Oh, it’s that we simply don’t want to do the hard and emotionally challenging work that seemingly veers us off our Strategic Plan (which we vest so much energy in, we simply don’t feel there is room to allow for “more” consideration).

So we subconsciously pull the consciousness plug on ourselves so we shut off from the inevitable pain and frustration of waking up again and again to disillusionment, to nightmares, to ailments and disturbing encounters of the third kind. We just don’t account for these very grave facets of our life to be experienced. We are deeply resentful of our own self for not being brave enough to “fight for our right to fully live”. And so we become abusive and deadly. We kill ourselves so we don’t have to face death head on. The idea of dying repels us, cowering our sensitivity, crucifying our aliveness.

So. How far does your yo-yo drop? A long ways, eh?

Uncomfortable with your free fall cause you’re banging up against all the painful limiting beliefs you’ve imposed in order to buy yourself time? Needing to figure out how to get to safety? Avoiding the truth of how powerful you are because power is clearly a dangerous force in our world? You don’t want to get yourself killed, do you? And so you try as you may to live as safely as possible only to arrive at deaths doorstep, safely. Is this really what you are made for?

Every effort exerted upon our experience which does not account for emotional and spiritual congruency is but another hole in the bucket of water you are trying so desperately to transport from over here, from mama’s belly, to over here, earth’s belly.

Everyone has a certain preference and predisposition for their general attitude and the set of values by which they are choosing to live and choosing to die. These two experiences are the same direction, to live and to die. Same destination.

What aberration exists in your present alignment and in what ways are you working so hard to deliver your truth in order to earn your ever-lasting peace?

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