Transgender Feminization Silent Subliminal Biokinesis Frequencies Hypnosis

Ultra Feminine – Feminization Powerful Mtf Hrt very Powerful Changes Transgender- Silent Subliminal Affirmations Biokinesis Hypnosis Frequencies
This hypnosis is unique and very very strong !!!

Listen to the music audio for at least once or more a day.
Be sure to give yourself enough listening time! Give yourself at least 9-20 minutes of listening time MINIMUM to experience the benefits. You can listen as much as you desire for quicker results. Listen daily until you achieve desired results! Listen at a minimum of 2 weeks for a difference. Results will vary. 1 weeks to … months.
Pure Male to Female Tansfomation. Some Individuals may feel results and see instantly while others may take more time. This is a very powerful magie and should not be takin lightly. Avoid playing it in a very high volume. You can also play it in your mobile phones, without needing any headphones. It works , listen at your own risk!!! Mr. Transformation


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