UFO expert claims he’s unearthed brand new evidence to prove ‘alien abduction’

This UFO expert claims to have discovered brand new evidence PROVING an apparent alien abduction did take place nearly 50 years ago.

On October 11 1973, two men, Charles Hickson, who is now dead, and Calvin Parker, 64, were fishing in Pascagoula, Mississippi, when they claimed a flying saucer landed and transported them onto their ship.

The pals always protested they had been held hostage and examined by the Martians but no proof of this was ever discovered and the cold case became one of the most infamous in extraterrestrial history.

Now author Philip Mantle, 60, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, claims he has found new evidence proving Charles and Calvin had injection marks on their arms – tallying with their accounts of being ‘punctured’ by the beings.

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