Unexplained Mysteries In The Sky Caught On Camera

Mysterious apparitions in the sky no one can explain
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Dementors from “Harry Potter,” blue lights that appeared after the Mexico earthquake, strange turquoise lights in Norway, Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky, and a strange halo around the sun. These are the 5 unexplained mysteries in the sky that were caught on camera.

The Dementors from “Harry Potter” don’t only exist in the popular books and movies! The Internet couldn’t believe what they were seeing when a strange dementor-like image started circulating online. It was originally spotted in Zambia, but “Harry Potter” fans had a lot of questions. Who took the photo and why is there a Dementor in the sky? The viral image is still an unexplained mystery.

In September 2017, Mexico was hit by a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 8.2. Along with being one of the strongest earthquakes in decades, it also left a mysterious mark on the night’s sky. No one can actually explain why the city was able to see the strange light on the horizon!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster was unexpectedly spotted on a camera after a mother drove through the storm to pick up her son. The image shows clouds with a clear image of an octopus-looking monster. You can definitely see several tentacles! The mystery behind this strange phenomenon is still unexplained.

What are some unexplained mysteries you know of? Make sure to watch our video to see the Dementors from “Harry Potter,” the blue light after the earthquake in Mexico, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and more unexplained mysteries in the sky that were caught on camera!

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