Who Were You In A Past Life? Past-Life Regression Expert Nancy Canning

Who Were You In A Past Life? Interview with Past-Life Regression Expert Nancy Canning

NANCY CANNING: “Ever wonder who you were in a past life? Or question if your current issues might be a result of past-life trauma? Ever thought that having a near-death experience might be cool, without the near-death part? Ever heard of a Life-Between-Lives regression? Some say it’s the next best thing to having an NDE. And Nancy Canning is the regressionist who led me through my first past-life regression and life-between-lives regression (and many more to follow).

“In this episode, Nancy tells us what these experiences are like, how they benefit our growth, how our past lives might be affecting our current life, and even how birthmarks and phobias might be related to past lives. If you’ve never heard of a life-between-lives regression (aka spiritual regression), this video will blow your mind to an awareness of a new experience YOU can have. These regressions can even be done via Skype.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

Don’t miss Bob Olson’s book: “Answers About The Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Life After Death.” http://www.amazon.com/Answers-about-Afterlife-Investigators-Mysteries/dp/0965601986/

READ ABOUT BOB OLSON’S FIRST PAST-LIFE REGRESSION: Read this article written by Bob about his first past-life and life-between-lives regressions. http://www.bestpsychicdirectory.com/news/I-Cried-Shivered-Shook-During-Past-Life-Regression

TO PURCHASE DR. MICHAEL NEWTON’S BOOK – Journey Of Souls http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1567184855

CONTACT NANCY CANNING: Call Nancy Canning at (508) 360-9346 for your own past-life or life-between-lives regression. Nancy works by phone and Skype (including Skype video), so you can have this experience from anywhere in the world without ever leaving the comfort of your home. You can also visit her in person on Cape Cod, Massachusetts to have the experience in her office. Her website is http://www.NancyCanning.com

NANCY CANNING’S BIOGRAPHY: In February 1998, Nancy Canning attended an intensive month-long hypnotherapy training at the Alchemical Institute for Healing Arts, located in Santa Rosa, CA. She returned home to begin her hypnotherapy counseling. Six months later, she began assisting at their basic training, as well as attending advanced hypnosis healing workshops. As a result, Nancy accumulated over 350 hours of hypnotherapy training and assisting.

In November 1998, Nancy read Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton and by the time she was halfway through it, she knew two things for sure: (1) she had to have a session, and (2) she was born to do this work! Nancy contacted Dr. Newton and had her own spiritual regression. Nancy then returned home and began working with friends, guiding them on this extraordinary journey. A few months later, she returned to California and attended a 3-hour mini-training with Dr. Newton and validated that she was following all the correct steps! Six months later Nancy assisted at the first professional LBL training and became certified as a Life-Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist. In 2002 Dr. Michael Newton invited Nancy to become a founding board member of the Society for Spiritual Regression. Nancy held the positions of treasurer and training registration coordinator for over three years. During that time, she helped create an intensive training program for other hypnotherapists and co-taught these trainings nationally and internationally.

As of Spring 2013, Nancy Canning has led over 750 people into their life-between-lives journey, and has led well over 2000 clients into past lives. Nancy’s website is http://www.NancyCanning.com


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