World’s Fastest Hypnotist Sean Michael Andrews Shows Street Hypnosis Technique

It is so interesting how the subconscious mind works. This somnambulist heard my suggestion that her arm would remain static, but she interpreted that to mean that it would stay in the exact space. She then tries to move around, but her arm stays where it is! BTW, I apologize for saying “amazing” so many times. I was just amazed. 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from my new book, “Street Hypnosis.”
8. There is no try, only Do. What did Yoda mean?
“Do or do not… there is no try.” So what did Yoda mean? Essentially, what Yoda meant was that trying is very different that “doing.” The word try implies failure and you should always remember that. When you approach someone to do street hypnosis and say, “Would you like to try to go into hypnosis?” Or worse, “Let me TRY to hypnotize you.” You have inadvertently sent a message to your subject that she will fail to go into hypnosis.

Think about this. If your accountant said, “I think I will be able to complete your tax forms for you… at least I’m pretty sure.” How much confidence would you have in him? And would you want to have an operation after your surgeon told you he was going to TRY to make it a success? I’m thinking the answer is “No.”

The good part in this is that even though you may not be supremely confident when you start doing street hypnosis, you can get away with faking confidence. Think about a time when you felt really confident… a time when you felt at the top of your game. Close your eyes and really step into that feeling. You are unstoppable… unbeatable! Let that feeling come up and get stronger and stronger. As you experience that feeling, imagine yourself hypnotizing your subject VERY deeply. Imagine her enjoying the experience as you easily and effortlessly go through all the steps that you have rehearsed. Imagine her having a wonderful time and emerging from hypnosis with a smile on her face and thanking you for the experience! Now open your eyes and DO IT!

As a hypnotist it is essential that you exude confidence. The subject should look into your eyes and have no doubt that you are competent and confident and completely capable of hypnotizing her. When this has been conveyed, the rest is easy. Just do the induction and get on with the show.

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This video was shot in my hypnotherapy office in Maryland. One video with this subject obtained over 1.3 Million views! She’s worth watching!

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