yucatecan trance induction (theta state frequency)

Headphones required.

For thousands of years humans have induced hypnotic trance states, usually as part of a religious or spiritual ceremony. This Theta trance induction track is taken from the indigenous people of the Yucatan peninsula who practice a hybridized version of Catholicism combined with pagan beliefs. As part of their mass ceremony a drummer performs a simple rhythm at 210 beats per minute on a hollow gourd for about a half hour (a similar drum tempo was later discovered by scientists to induce the deeply relaxing Theta waves in the brain that are associated with hypnosis). This track is purely instrumental with no vocals so it can be used for self-hypnosis towards any goal, desired outcome or as a relaxation tool to combat stress. For best results listen with headphones in a relaxed position, allow a few minutes for the trance to take hold.


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